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Hercules Sink Harness Kit

Hercules Sink Harness Installed

Introducing the Best Sink Mounting System Available for Only $4.95!

The Hercules Universal Sink Harness installs in minutes.

View an animated installation video showing how the Hercules sink harness is installed

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Why pay more than $5 for a sink install kit, when you could use the Hercules® Universal Sink Harness and complete the project in minutes?

No more expensive brackets that only work on some installations or using scrap wood to make a support system. The Hercules® Universal Sink Harness installs without drilling into expensive countertops, notching cabinets, and without using messy glue or relying on adhesives to secure sinks.

The Hercules Universal Sink Harness will work on most types of sink installation, including ceramic, stainless steel, or cast iron undermounts. It’s perfect for double bowl, bar, or ceramic vanity sinks. Just imagine— one kit to do all of those sinks!

Not only is the Hercules Universal Sink Harness the fastest and most economical, it’s the most versatile.

It can even be used when the countertops are installed or if others (your competition) have installed systems that have failed. Many fabricators are asked to repair someone else’s poor sink installation job and the Hercules® Universal Sink Harness will do the job, and provide you the opportunity to be the one the contractor calls.

The Hercules® Universal Sink Harness helps to provide support and overall strength to your countertop installation. Some clips and anchor systems rely on the counter top to support the sink—not so with the Hercules® Universal Sink Harness. It actually transfers all weight to the cabinet and supports the weakest part of the countertop—the sink cut out—as well as supporting the sink.

Can $4.95 really solve this industry-wide issue? We want to prove it to you! Just call Braxton-Bragg and we will send you the Hercules Universal Sink Harness FREE!

Hercules EZ Level & Faucet Support

Hercules EZ Level & Faucet Support

View an animated video illustrating how easy it is to install the Hercules EZ Level & Faucet Support

This little device solves a few problems common to installations of solid countertops. Seams are always a big concern to the customers. This device makes the leveling process quick, easy and permanent. Once level, it's up to the installer to make them invisible. The device makes it easy to fill in the seam, adjust it, and make it permanent.

  • Attaching the EZ Level is easy: just peel off the tape backing and place it 1/4" from the top edge of the cabinet where support or leveling is needed.
  • Once in place, use a 7/16" wrench or socket with extensions to tighten the bolt and raise the surface. Adjusting the back of the cabinet is now possible, too.
  • No more shims that collapse!
  • EZ Level is perfect for securing sinks in tight cabinets, especially in front of the sink, where space is limited.

The Faucet Support simply slips over the stem of the faucet, either short end or long end toward the sink. Tighten up the faucet bolt, then secure the center of the sink.

These products make for a simple sink install. If you are not doing the plumbing, just leave the faucet support on the pipe for the plumber to use.

Hercules Anchor Bits

Hercules Anchor Bits

Diamond Anchor Bits

  • Diamond bits drill an angled anchor slot to give matching bolts a precise fit
  • With matching Anchor Bolts for Diamond Anchor Bits

Brazed Anchor Bits

  • With matching Anchor Bolts for Brazed Anchor Bits

Stainless Steel T-Bolt Anchors

  • With matching nuts, washers and lockwashers

Hercules EZ Rod Dispenser

Hercules EZ Rod Dispenser

The Hercules EZ Rod Dispenser makes it EZ to reinforce and protect granite countertops.

  • Free standing dispenser designed to work with a 100 meter roll of carbon reinforced rodding (Fiberglass rodding sold separately)
  • Built-in heavy-duty clippers

Hercules Fiberglass Rodding

Hercules Fiberglass Rodding

Use to strengthen & protect your slabs.

Rodding is highly recommended for most granite countertop applications.

  • Reinforced Fiberglass Rod
  •  Available in 100 feet and 300 feet of 1/8" x 3/8" reinforced rod
  • Cut exactly the length you need for each project & save
  • Always use gloves, proper clothing and safety glasses when working with fiberglass rod